Green Lantern Costume Revealed!

Welll what do you think of this! personally i don’t like it, i would of preferred the comic book costume. in fact now i look at it again i can’t stand it! it looks tacky and cartoony.

This looks like the suit is produced from the ring just like one of his constructs! this means if the bad guy knocks him unconscious we get to see Ryan Reynold’s Magic Stick! Could Warner Brothers be that desperate? (Probably)

I get the feeling that this is going to be a 2 hour long cartoon with a little bit of live action thrown in. yes, it will be very pretty but I fear it may lack substance. I just feel this movie was rushed into production after DC and Warner brothers realised the Marvel had atleast 1 movie coming out for the next 5 years and they had nothing even close with the exception of Batman.

This movie has a lot of potential i just hope it can live up to it. The sooner this is out and done the sooner we get a Deadpool movie.

GS Reporter: Matt

EDIT: Apologise for my lack of Green Lantern knowledge, i wasn’t aware that the Suit did in fact come from his ring as that’s never been in any of the small number of lantern comics I’ve read.

Also this is the suit i remember from the comics, the green and black with the white gloves! the one in the movie looks all black with a green glow. so to me they ARE two different costumes.

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  1. Um, I don’t want to be a dick, but I think I’m going to have to be.

    Basically I just want to say to the person who posted this and wrote the commentary beneath: I’m not surprised you don’t like the look of it- you obviously aren’t into Green lantern comics, after all. So it follows that you wouldn’t want to watch the movie.

    How do I know you don’t read the comics?

    i would of preferred the comic book costume

    that is the comic book costume

    This looks like the suit is produced from the ring just like one of his constructs!

    So, exactly like in the comics, then? the modern Green Lantern’s costume has ALWAYS been a construct produced by his ring, right back to his first appearance in the 60s. This is like complaining about Batman having pointy ears and a cape.

    As for the “2 hour cartoon” thing, well, I’m assuming that’s a reference to the use of CG- in which case, good lord, get back to 1999 will you? Is Lord Of the Rings a cartoon? Is Avatar? Come on, animation is animation, mo-cap special effects are something else. This isn’t a particularly complicated concept.

    I mean hey, it might be a terrible movie or it might be great. But let’s base our opinions on more than one photo, and perhaps some basic knowledge of the concept, shall we?

    • matt pease /

      First of you’re not a dick! you jsut corrected a mistake i made. and i learnt something about Green Lantern i never knew. I’ve put in a edit in the article about the Costume ring thing, it’s honestly something i didn’t know and i apologise for the mistake.

      however as for the “2 hour cartoon” thing, i won’t apologise!, Avatar was more cartoon then movie, a very high budget cartoon that used mo cap.

      Lord of the rings used actual physical costumes and effects and looked AMAZING because of it. I am not against CGI at all I just don’t like it being over used. i much prefer physical props.

      Now I’m not stupid I know they can’t make a GL movie with out the use of extensive CGI but does his costume
      need to be CGI? it isn’t the Iron Man armour which has to have lots of moving parts, it’s just a skin tight costume like batman or super man. They could of got away with a real life suit!

      • I am a *bit* of a dick. Just re-read my comment, my tone is really overly harsh. So, sorry about that.

        Re: accuracy of the costume- It’s difficult to tell from that picture, but it looks to me like they’ve given him green gloves instead of white, and added the veiny details, but apart from that stuck to the original design- black arms, green torso, green domino mask. I dunno, that’s how it looks to me.

        As for the real-life vs CGI costume thing; well, I don’t know about you but I think the skin tight fabric costumes tend to look a bit ridiculous on screen. You used Superman and batman as examples yourself, and they’re perfect- after all, there’s a reason Batman doesn’t wear that kind of costume in the movies; and go on, tell me you don’t cringe a bit watching the superman movies as an adult. Reeve pulls it off, yes, but only just.

        And like I say, it’s an integral part of GL mythos that the costume is a ring construct, so it makes perfect sense for it to be CGI.

  2. Crimson Archer /

    To be honest, this looks ALL green to me and not like the Hal Jordan/GL costume. I kinda like the idea of making it like muscle structure textured, but honestly it looks like digital fan art. I hope it looks cool, when we see it on film, but right now it reminds me of stuff I’ve seen on DeviantArt!

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