Hollywood Bidding War Erupts Over Sci-fi Short ‘The Gift’

So the story goes that Commercial director Carl Erik Rinsch  took part in a  short-film experiment set up by electronic company Phillips’. The brief was to allow five filmmakers to make their own movie using the same piece of dialogue.

What Rinsch game up with was the “The Gift” which looks pretty damm cool (little bit of iRobot, little bit of Bourne) and like the Slingers short we featured a while back it left me wanted to see more.

It seems that Hollywood have also seen potential in the short as now some big names like Warner Bros. and Fox have expressed some serious interest.

I think this goes to show the power a really well made short film can have if it’s seen by the right people. I really hope this gets made but more so I hope it keeps the same director and the same look and feel (yes Hollywood that includes the Moscow setting and the subtitles) with of course the larger budget that backing from a Hollywood studio can bring.

Here’s the short for you to check out.

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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