THE HUNGER GAMES: New Trailer and Message From President Snow

The new trailer has been released for Mockingjay Part One, the first instalment of the final films to The Hunger Games Series. If you haven’t read the books but follow the films, it’ll make your skin crawl…

The advertising team for The Hunger Games are amazing. The Hunger Games Fitness Challenge I took part in last year and Capitol Couture really got the viewers involved with the franchise and made fans feel as though they were part of Panem. In the latest trailer (or Capitol TV update as they’re being branded), President Snow addresses the Capitol with his “Together as One” speech. It’s weird how it feels like it’s directed at you and the unsettling change of tone part way through makes your stomach turn… If you’ve read the books, you know what’s coming. If you haven’t and have only followed the films, you will probably be shouting something like “PEETA WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” at your computer screens.

This doesn’t have any action footage from the film, or even the main character, but I really like this trailer. It’s shown in super fancy 4K, which highlights every pore on Snow’s face so well, you can see the creepiness oozing from them. It shows us Snow’s personality, which reflects the Capitol’s feelings towards the districts of Panem. Labelled as ‘mandatory’ viewing for all citizens of Panem, “Together as One” shows how threatening and manipulative Snow can be and I’m really looking forward to the next Capitol TV update.

You can subscribe to Capitol TV updates by heading over to www.TheCapitol.PN, where you can also keep up to date with news from the Capitol. You can also check out the District Heroes page, showing citizens from each district. It’s a brilliant insight into the lifestyle of each district, but also crushing to see the increase in poverty as you travel through the outer districts of Panem.

What do you think of the latest Capitol TV update? Please keep the comments spoiler free!

GS Blogger: Jess Hawke

Source: The Capitol

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