I Am Mortal

Well yes we know I’m mortal but in this case I’m talking about the title of a new script written by Andrew Niccol who bought us “Gattaca” and “The Truman Show” (the first film in which I didn’t want to slap Jim Carrey). The script is a sci-fi tale set in the not too distant future where mortality has been conquered with a twist. Now with the possibility of being able to  live forever time is now the new money with the rich able to buy their immortality and everyone else having to beg,borrow or steal to earn theirs.

I think in this age of remakes and reboots it’s great to see original scripts out there, in the genres I love,  still trying to get made. Although I’m sure this idea has probably been done somewhere in the Sci-Fi genre as it’s a great concept. Off the top of my head (and as mentioned on the site that broke the story) it does have a Logan’s Run vibe to it.

At the moment no one has picked up the script but New Regency if negotiations to pick it up.

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Source: Hollywood Reporter

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