Interesting Avenger Rumour!… could it be true!

There are lots of rumours going around SDCC that Marvel have been playing us all for fools and they might have actually succeeded in pulling the greatest movie publicity  prank of all time! OK listen to this one!

Apparently the whole thing with Edward Norton and Marvel falling out over his role in the Avengers is BS, he is still Bruce Banner! This whole thing with Mark Ruffalo is a smoke screen! Mark is still in the movie but as a undisclosed character (Hank Pym maybe?). Marvel have played these games so they can have a massive shock and awe when they announce the Avengers line up later this weekend!

Well what do you think? is this just the fevered ramblings of some paranoid geeks? is DC spreading false information? or have Marvel actually pulled of the Comic Con stunt of the century?

One this is for sure…. I wouldn’t put it past marvel to pull this off! when you think about it the Official annoucment by Marvel Studios about the giving Edward Norton the boot was really “unprofessional”. When i read it i thought it is very strange, there is no way the legal department would allow them to put out something like that…….

…. OK they got me! I really want this to be true!

well whatever happen i can guarantee that the Marvel Avengers Announcement will be one hell of an event!

GS Reporter: Matt

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