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Last House On The Left ’72 trailer

Just a day after Nuge’s post about the upcoming Friday the 13th, Rogue Pictures has put out the trailer for the upcoming Last House On The Left remake coming in the spring. While I would like to show you this trailer, the offices that handle the creation of the trailers have taken it upon themselves to ruin the movie for the general public. So I’ve used the original trailer as a lead in and have asked Nuge to place the remake trailer under the fold.

Last House was a very controversial movie even for it’s time. Made in 1972 by future horror maestros Wes Craven and Sean Cunningham, LHOTL was itself an updated remake of Ingmar Burgman’s Virgin Spring and stared a young Martin Kove and future exploitation actor, David Hess.

Due to the sadistic nature of the villains and the graphic nature of the violence of this movie, the movie couldn’t get a proper rating no matter how much Craven edited the picture. Desperate for wide release, Cunningham spliced on an “R” tag to the film and released. While the movie got mixed reviews, it catapulted Craven and Cunningham into bigger things. Craven went on to make more horror films and Cunningham went on to accidentally create the Friday The 13th franchise.

While recognized by many as one of the foundations of post-modern horror films, it was still controversial. England banned the movie until 2003 and even when it was finally released, all DVDs were edited to gain an “18”. Finally, an uncut DVD was released last year.

As a collector and aficionado of Exploitation (or as the kids today call it, “Grindhouse”) fare, I’m of two minds on this remake. While I can except that Hollywood has run out of ideas and are just remaking old horror movies for money, I don’t know if remaking this movie would really work. While this film has been given an “R” rating, I can tell you for a fact that several scenes that are in the original will not be in the remake due to it’s brutal nature. Are they important to the plot? I don’t really know. Judging by the remake trailer however, I’m to believe that the movie will be focusing more on the cause of violence rather then the effect which the original had focused on. I also believe that the original meaning of the film, that of how brutal can someone become, will not be there either. It’ll probably be replaced by a message about family. I don’t really see how that’ll work.

Anyways, here’s the trailer

Last House On The Left Remake trailer

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