Jackie Chan The Next Miyagi?

Miyagi or Sam Seed?

Miyagi or Sam Seed?

Variety Asia reports that Jackie Chan is in final negotiations and will most likely play Mr. Miyagi in the upcoming “remake” of The Karate Kid. The film will star Jaden Smith and will begin shooting this summer in Beijing.

From the article:

Set in an exotic Asian locale, the new film will borrow elements of the original plot, wherein a bullied youth (Smith) learns to stand up for himself with the help of an eccentric mentor (Chan).

So they’re making a remake that was about learning to stand up for yourself and be confident through Karate…by putting it in China and having the the elderly mental type teach…what? Peking Opera and Wu Shu? We’re just going to call it The Karate Kid, yet have no form of Karate in it at all?

This isn’t a remake. This is a movie that’s just trying to cash in on a nostalgic name and hope to the gods people will bite. I can use the explanation that I quoted on anything really. I can claim that The Dark Knight was really a remake of The Bat Whispers just because both have psycho killers in them as well as innovative filming techniques. I can claim that The Incredible Hulk is a remake of Rouben Mamoulian’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde because both deal in duality and both had amazing transformation effects in a green tint.

If you want to make a movie in China, just say so.

Source: Variety Asia, Coming Soon, IMDB

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