New Financier joins Highlander Reboot

Highlander II: The Quickening

Let's hope the reboot is better than this one!

RCR Media Group has come aboard to co-finance Summit Entertainment’s reboot of Highlander, which Neal H. Moritz’s Original Films is producing and Justin Lin, hot off Fast Five, is set to direct. Mortiz and Peter Davis are producing the project, while RCR execs Rui Costa Reis and Eliad Josephson will serve as executive producers.

So with this piece of news it’s looking more and more likely that the Highlander reboot will happen.

I’ve been hearing good things about Fast 5 so hopefully it’s director Justin Ling can bring us a Highlander reboot we can all be proud of. Also having the guys who penned the script for Iron Man involved is surely another positive sign.

I’ll be interested to see how much of the plot from the films and the TV show make it into the reboot of whether they will throw all of that history out and start from scratch.

Time will tell

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Source: THR

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