Noel Clark’s Sci-Fi meets Noir “Reign of Death” to become Full Length Movie

Some time ago we reported on the cool looking teaser trailer  for something called ‘Reign of Death’ starring Noel Clark. In the trailer Clark played, what looked like, a Private Detective in a kind of pulp noir mixed with sci fi setting.

Originally “Reign of Death” was made to be a short but now it’s been slated to become a full length film thanks to Noel’s deal with UK film group Icon.

Those of you going to Sci Fi London this year will get the opportunity to watch ‘Reign of Death’. I’ve not seen the short yet myself but I really liked the look of the teaser trailer (which you can check out below), even with only 30 seconds to work with I liked the blend of hard boiled pulp and sci-fi and I think it’s a great starting point for a film.

You can read about the deal over on Variety

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