Norwegian Zombie Movie Debuts At Sundance

The Nordic Nations are starting to become the new frontier of horror. While Sweden made the first strike last year with the epic vampire movie, Let The Right One In, this year, Norway follows up with Død Snø (Dead Snow) which will be premiering at Sundance.

Dead Snow is about a bunch of college students taking a ski vacation in a remote part of Norway not knowing that the area was once a key location for the Nazis during WWII. They also didn’t know that the townspeople killed them off viciously and buried them in that remote location. Now, disturbed from their slumber, the Nazi zombies rise.

This looks to be the makings of a good movie. It’s sort of a mix between The Evil Dead and Jean Rollin’s Zombie Lake. I’ll definitely try to do a review if it hits any festivals in my area.

Source: Sundance Film Fest

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