Old Boy Remake starring Will Smith..Aw Hell No!


Can we really see Will Smith in this role?


I know you think I’m joking right? sorry to disappoint but over at Variety they’re sayng that both Will Smith and Steven Spielberg are in talks to remake the cult Korean movie Old Boy.

Now let me make this clear Old Boy was one serioulsy messed up revenge movie that i’ve only seen once. It was also a really great story. The guy playing Old Boy was one serious bad ass in that movie. It also had a twist to end twists wrapped up in a great plot.

Now I like Will Smith and I like Steve Spielberg but I don’t like this idea. For a start given some of the things (especially the main twist and the ending) I can’t see the remake follwing this to the letter (I could be wrong).

My other problem is I can’t see Will Smith in this. Personally if I was going to do it I’d pick Pacino as he’s got that right look of crazy about him.

Old Boy is a great movie and I hope they do it justice but even more I hope this project falls through.

Source: Variety

GS Reporter: Nuge

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  1. Vichus Smith /

    Will Smith will be screaming “Welcome to Earf” as he goes through all those guys in the hallway.

    Seriously, remaking all these Japanese films? COME ON! My country needs to at least adapt a totally obscure book or something. Bring us something we have never seen on film!

  2. This makes puppies sad

  3. Amaechi /

    Dear Lord so it ain’t so. Leave this film alone Hollywood. You’ve already killed several French and Japanese films.

  4. Travis Outlaw /

    I never liked the movie. But if anybody should remake it should be Quentin Tarantino or Martin Scorsese.

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