Oldboy Director Has An Unquenchable Thirst.

Park Chen Wook, director and writer of the highly acclaimed Vengeance Trilogy (Sympathy For Mr. VengeanceOldboyLady Vengeance) has been tackling vampirism in his latest work called Thirst. While there isn’t any footage out yet, Twitch does have some promotional stills to view online.

Kang Ho Song (The Host) as Father Sang-Hyun

Kang Ho Song (The Host) as Father Sang-Hyun



Thirst stars Kang Ho Song as Sang-Hyun, a priest who wants to help mankind so bad that he volunteers to become a guinea pig in the search for a vaccine to destroy the latest epidemic virus going around. He’s infected, but later recovers and is considered a miracle by the church. Unfortunately, something about the vaccine makes him relapse and die. The next day he wakes up a vampire.

With production ahead of schedule, the movie will see an April release in S.Korea. Focus Films has N. American rights.

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  1. vichussmith /

    Nice heads up on this! I’ve liked what I’ve seen from this director so far, and I’d watch a vamp flick from him.

    • geeksyndicate /

      yeah I had no idea this was being done. Nice work Royal!

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