Prepare to be Punished this Feb


We just got sent this bit of news in regarding a UK release date for the Punisher: War Zone movie. According to IMDB it’s due on 6th February.

So time to dust off those Uzi pistols UK, Frank Castle is coming.

GS Reporter: Gargoyle

Source: IMDB

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  1. bluemeanie /

    So 3 months after the US date by which time anyone with an interest will have grabbed it off the internet anyway.

    • geeksyndicate /

      Yeah I know…crap! Things seem to be getting better on the tv front with a lot of stuff starting to air in the uk the same or maybe a day or two later than in the states.

  2. keef /

    So far theres been no DECENT QUALITY copies available online which may or may not help box office takings in the UK. Unless a screener or R5 appears

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