Prince of Perisa ‘The Sands of Time’ – Video Clips/Featurettes Galore

Mortal Kombat. That was the last film I saw based on a video game that I really enjoyed. I know I’m maybe in the minority here but it was fun martial arts flicks  (basically a mystical Enter the Dragon) that stuck to the paper-thin plot of the game. Ok granted Christopher Lambert as Rayden was a bit of a stretch (alright a very big stretch) but at least they tried to stay faithful to the game and I’m a sucker for martial arts.

From what I’ve seen so far the Prince of Persia film adaptation (btw I loved the games) seems to be looking good so far. Like Mortal Kombat there are some things I have to get over like Jake Gyllenhaal as a Prince of Persia (although he does kinda look like the prince from the later games) with an accent that sounds like some weird cockney\american mish mash.

The special effects, action and landscapes look suitably epic and it looking like the film will stay faithful to the Prince’s crazy, parkour like, skills.

So really only one question remains….can Ben Kingsley be a better bad guy in this than he was in the awful Thunderbirds?…The smart money says yes as it’s not really much of a bar.

This film has kinda of snuck up on me as I’m now looking forward to it much more than I thought I would. The gossip is that Mr Bruckheimer is looking to create a franchise out of this ala Pirates of the Caribbean. I hope he can pull it off as I wouldn’t say no to another round of fun, action packed fantasy flicks.  Considering that the Pirates franchise came of the back of a bloody Theme Park ride at least here Jerry’s got more to work with.

We’ve got a load of vids to help get you in the mood for the film so enjoy and remember kids the Prince of Persia has special powers, don’t try these moves at home (always wanted to say that).




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