‘Red Sonja’ update!

If you’ve been dying to know what’s up with director Robert Rodriguez’ upcoming Red Sonja remake, here are two hot tidbits to chew on. The first is this image:

Yep, that hair is definitely red.

Yep, that hair is definitely red.

Next is a summary of the basic Red Sonja plot, which you can find on the link below. So, there’s the new Red Sonja for you! I don’t know how beloved this character is in comparison to Conan, but I imagine that some people are quite concerned with a remake of a film they though was best left alone.

Source:Movieset blog

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  1. My personal opinion on all this is that its incredible just how much I want to nail Rose McGowan dressed up like this… thats her, not me.
    Not many movies I’ll watch just for “hubba hubba” value alone, but this could be a total dud and I’d still be there

  2. I’ve always been a fan of the girls with weapons thing – whether that’s guns, bows, swords or whatever.

    For me this will be a DVD rental / cheap purchase rather than a cinema job though I think.

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