Riddle me this, Riddle me that!

Apparently it is now all but confirmed that “The Riddler” will be the villian in the next Batman movie from Chris Nolan, and that Joseph Gordon-Levitt (GI:Joe, Inception) will be the man to put on the green suit!

From www.firstshowing.net

We’re not officially kicking off Comic-Con until tomorrow, but today we have a huge bit of news regarding a comic book flick that likely doesn’t even have a presence at this year’s convention. We’ve gotten word from a reliable inside source with a studio casting grid that The Riddler is listed as a character for Chris Nolan’s highly anticipated to the sequel to The Dark Knight, which is still called Batman 3 at Warner Bros. Even more interesting, the actor currently listed in the same grid to play the assumed villain is none other than Joseph Gordon-Levitt, whose status is just listed as “interested.” Let’s all say it together now: Hell. Yes!

This is Very exciting news! he’s a GREAT actor and can definitely play a creepy dark Riddler.

What do you all think? is this a good choice? or a disaster?

Source: www.firstshowing.net

GS Reporter: Matt

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  1. It’s always sounded like a good idea for Levitt to play the Riddler. I’m dying to see what the story is for the third Batman.

  2. Red Five /

    HELL YES! This is fantastic! I freaking love the guy. So excited now…more so than I already was, and I was seat-wettingly excited to begin with.

  3. Conor /

    I’ve never heard of him. I’d never heard of Heath Ledger. In Nolan I trust 🙂

    • matt pease /

      he’s in inception at the moment and co stared in “10 things i hate about you” with heath ledger! he is a excellent actor!

  4. Nick101 /

    HELL YEAH!! just trust in Nolan remember the fuss about Heath Ledger and look how well that turned out, this is a great bit of casting if it’s true

  5. Levitt started in the sitcom 3rd Rock from the Sun. He’s become hot lately because of his roles in Brick, 500 Days of Summer and GI Joe.

    • matt pease /

      oh god i forgot all about 3rd rock! that show was so cool!…

      ….in coming message from the big giant head

  6. Nice. He gave a brilliant performance in Brick and can evidently adapt himself to different roles. Now the question is, what will the Riddler be like in the new Batman?

    • matt pease /

      I hope they go Dark! really creepy and dark!

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