Robin Hood Featurette and brand new poster

When I first heard about this film I groaned and thought great just what the world needs another Robin Hood Film. I then saw the first teaser r and thought “Oh look this is just Gladiator dressed up as Robin Hood. They’ve even got the bit where someone throws Russell a sword as he rides past”.  After the most recent trailer all of that changed. I still think the film has a Gladiator vibe to it (right down to the weasel like villain in the form of Prince John) but I did love Gladiator and I do love the story of Robin Hood, when it’s done right.

The latest trailer has an epic feel to it and looks like a more gritty, blood and guts, take on the legend. Personally I was always more a fan of the more swashbuckler style Robin Hood, like the original Errol Flynn film or the recent graphic novel by Tony Lee or the mystical Robin of Sherwood (before Connery took over).

Can Mr Scott and Mr Crowe pull it off, time will tell I guess. In the meantime check out the featurette on the film.

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