The ‘Dragonball’ trailer kamehamehas the web!

Whether you love flaming auras or you poo poo them, you cannot deny that when it comes to anime, Dragonball was not only a huge blockbuster anime, but also the gateway title for many American fans of anime. So, while people still remember Goku and Pals, American film companies decided to create a live action Dragonball movie. If you’re skeptical whether or not this plan will work, plant your eyeballs on out the teaser trailer.

My only problem with it is that it’s just a teaser. I’m totally for this, being totally skeptical when I first heard that Dragonball would be adapated into a live action movie- an American live action movie. Now I cannot wait for 2009 to come. In the continuing rise of comic book movies, why not a live action Japanese comic adaptation?

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