Yatterman To Debut In New York

Lucky bastards

Lucky bastards

Hey all you geeks in New York City! If you haven’t heard the news by now director Takashi Miike and pop star Sho Sakurai will be at the New York Comic Con to talk about Miike’s latest film, Yatterman. They will then debut the movie on the weekend.  Miike is also NYCC’s Guest of Honor for 2009.

From Media At Large, NYCC’s blog:

Fans have been waiting for Takashi Miike (Audition, Ichi the Killer, Sukiyaki Western Django) to create a giant robot movie for years, and finally it’s here. Starring Sho Sakurai, Yatterman is the story of two teenagers who run a high-tech toy shop which serves as a cover for their crime-busting exploits as a pair of masked super heroes. Miike’s Yatterman is based on a classic anime series created by Tatsuo Yoshida (founder of anime studio Tatsunoko Productions, which produced Speed Racer, Battle of the Planets, Casshern and Macross). Yoshida’s Yatterman originally premiered in 1977 and ran for 108 wildly popular episodes and was long considered by Miike as one of his dream projects. It was revived in 2008 as a crowd-pleasing television series, and now it hits the big screen as Nikkatsu’s Spring tentpole action blockbuster. With a massive budget and character and mecha designs by Katsuya Terada of Blood: The Last Vampire and Cutie Honey, it’s an over-the-top ride that, par for the course for director Miike, promises to turn the giant robot movie on its mechanical head.

Takashi Miike and Sho Sakurai will be at NYCC to speak about Yatterman at 4 PM on Friday, February 6 in the IGN Theater and will present an exclusive 7-minute clip from the film. Both will then appear at the World Premiere of Yatterman at 8 PM the same day, at the New York Directors Guild Theater, at 110 West 57th Street. A limited number of free tickets for the screening will be made available at the Nikkatsu Booth (#1315) earlier on Friday.

An encore presentation of the film will take place on Saturday, February 7, at 8:30 PM in the IGN Theater at the Jacob Javits Center. Admission to the Saturday screening is free and open to all New York Comic Con attendees.

Both Miike and Sakurai will also be signing autographs at the Nikkatsu Booth (#1315) – fans should check at the booth for the exact signing schedule. The world premiere of Yatterman would not be possible without the tremendous support of Subway Cinema, Nikkatsu, and The Kitano Hotel, the official hotel sponsor for the event.

I’m just jelious of New York right now.

Source: NYCC

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