A Team Press Event – Part 1

It was a very nervous me who pootled down the road from my Real Life job to the Dorchester on Park Lane to attend the A Team Press Event to mark the release of The A Team movie.

I’ve never been to a press conference before – well I have, but not with you know, famous people that you see in the movies and such – so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  In the end, it turned out pretty easy to handle.

The room where the event was being held in the Dorchester was lovely and roomy, we were given coffee or tea or water and cookies to keep ourselves entertained.  After a wait that almost started to feel like a wait, Alex Zane came bounding in looking crazymad and very cute as usual, complete with guy-liner.  He grabbed his seat and immediately started bringing the guests in.  We had the whole cast in attendance which was pretty awesome, including Joe Carnahan, the director/screenwriter.

Everyone taking their seats

Zane asked Joe what it felt like to be the one to bring The A Team to the big screen.  Joe said it felt fantastic, and what with the tremendous welcome the cast had at last night’s premiere at Leicester Square, he felt pretty positive.

(there was some ruckus during this part of the talk, at the beginning as Jessica had overfilled her glass of water and Sharlto felt the need to lean over and sip at it profusely to stop it from spilling – much laughter and hilarity ensued)

Zane segued in the question I wanted to ask the team – damn you Alex Zane, damn you! – and mentioned the camaraderie in the team, did they have to work at it?  He directed the question to Liam – I am twenty foot tall – Neeson.  Liam commented that they had been lucky, with everyone getting along well and that there had been no egos on the set, which helped towards the easy camaraderie on screen.

Rampage, Neeson, Carnahan

The next question was directed at Sharlto, asking him how it felt bringing such an iconic figure, such as Murdoch to the screen.  Sharlto has this lovely, almost shy way, about himself that invites you to be his friend.  He spoke with great passion about watching the show when growing up as a child in South Africa, saying that Murdoch’s character was one of the things that inspired him to get into making shows and movies.

Next up Jessica was asked how she managed to deliver that deadpan killer one liner in the movie: “They are trying to fly that tank” with such seriousness. There was much laughter at this as yes, there is a tank hurtling towards earth in the movie and yes, the guys do try and fly it.  It is silly and over the top and very tongue in cheek.  Jessica deadpanned: I said it the way Joe told me to.

Jessica and Sharlto

Zane mentioned his guy-liner and asked how it felt bringing Face to the screen.  Sharlto erupted in laughter, as did the rest of the panel.  Bradley hammed it up saying that he doesn’t really think that Face was really vain, he just thought of him as toned and tanned.

An audience member asked if they sustained any injuries.  Liam Neeson confessed he hurt himself getting out of the one truck as it was so high.  Bradley Cooper said he got muscle strain walking to his trailer as it was so far away.

Zane realised that Rampage had not spoken yet and checked to make sure he is okay.  Rampage had everyone in stitches, complaining about how early they had to get up this morning to do various film and press events and how him and Neeson were the ones hanging around clubs and dancing whilst Bradley and and Sharlto were the ones curling up with comfy books.

There were several more questions, all great fun, and well answered by the team.   I don’t want to throw everyone dead with The A Team things in one fell swoop, so I’ll do another batch of write-ups for Friday for a Part 2.  By then I may even have figured out how to download the audio from my iphone.

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