Blasts from the Past: Horror Express (1973)

Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee & Telly Salvalas and they’re all playing heroes – sort of.

A Spanish Horror Movie filmed in English and set in Pre-Revolutionary Russia & China doesn’t sound like a promising set up.  But mix in a mad Rasputin like monk, decedent Russian Aristos, leery Cossacks commanded by old Kojak and two British leads exasperated by the bally foreigners they have to deal with and it’s a nice turn of the century set-up.

Christopher Lee, a scientist has dug up a missing-link which is possessed by something far more ancient and alien.  Transporting it back to cvilisation on the trans-Siberian railway must have seemed like a good idea but the passangers are all prey for the unexpected predatory cargo. Peter Cushing as British Doctor helps him try to understand and combat the menace with some nice bickering and bonkers boffining on the way in the style of 50s Monster movies. (That’s obviously incorrect but kind of internally logical period ‘science.’) Savalas and his mend provide the muscle – or is that cannon fodder?

Equal parts ‘The Thing’ years before John Carpenter, and a mix match of Sherlock Holmes, Murder on the Orient Express and Death Train this is a cracking movie to be savoured on it’s own with a malt or enjoyed with mates, pizza and beer.

Would make a nice double bill with Who classic -Talons of Weng Chiang or the Devil Rides Out if your making a night of it.

Until next time past pickers.

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