Kevin Feige Shows Off Guardians of the Galaxy and Age of Ultron

So we packed off GS team member Christophe to a special Guardians of the Galaxy preview with an added bonus of a Q and A with Marvel Studios President of Production Kevin Feige. Christophe had this to say about the preview itself.

“fun, action, beautiful, chemistry and stunning with some of the best 3D I have ever seen.”

These are some of the tidbits Christophe picked up from the Q & A that followed.

  • The preview that shown was of a prison break.
  • According to Feige Guardians of the Galaxy was a risk.
  • Feige loved Karen Gillian’s audition and was happy she would shave her head. Also pleased she had built in fan base.
  • The upcoming Marvel Netflix shows will create their own world first and then see if they fit in the MCU
  • Groot has a very emotional journey and Vin Diesel came on board based on his Iron Giant role.
  • Rocket was a very important process that had to work with Bradley Cooper.
  • Feige had a special treat with footage from Avengers 2: Age of Ultron for us which looked fantastic and can’t wait for this next year!

So looking like us Marvel film fans have a look to look forward to! I also like every other geek reading this now officially hate Christophe.

Update now had a quick chat with Christophe who is still buzzing from this and he had to say this about Avengers 2. According to him those at the screening were only the second group to see this footage.

  • About two minutes of footage were shown.
  • A lot of behind the scenes stuff.
  • Saw Avengers Tower. interior looks Amazing and is very SHIELD like but with a Tony Stark spin.
  • Shot of Captain America on a Motorbike.
  • Quinjets on display at Avengers Tower.
  • Saw Quicksilver in action running (but not a superspeed)
  • Saw some animatics of Hulk vs a Hulkbuster

Something tells me even more footage is coming at Comic con.


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