Sci Fi Feature Film to Battle the Stigma of Mental Illness

A group of ambitious british film makers have headed to Kickstarter to raise the cash to make Sci-Fi film ‘Sola’. The film will use an apocalyptic scenario as a backdrop in which to discuss the problems  of Mental Health as faced by the film’s heroine Eden. One of the goals of the project is to draw attention on the misunderstood & misrepresented issues surrounding Mental Health.

New concept shot of London for 'Sola'

New concept shot of London for ‘Sola’

Sola is the first professional feature film by Writer / Director Luke Mordue. A film set in a post-apocalyptic Britain.

Our protagonist is Eden, the last human on earth. Left alone to wander the empty streets of London but with this new world comes new threats… The household pets, such as dogs have been forced into the wild, adapting into fierce hunters, roaming for food.

We follow Eden as she survives in this dangerous environment whilst reflecting on the destructive, spiraling path of depression that tore her life apart in the world before. At the center of the suspense & thrills of the story comes heart, a deeper tale into mental illness, what it can do & how it feels.

Eden is fighting to stay alive but when you have nothing to live for, what is there to keep you moving forward?



Sci-fi has always been a great tool to convey big issues in settings, which may seem out of this world, but when done well they reflect ideas which can be universally enjoyed whether you call yourself a Sci-fi fan or not.

Now I’m not big on allowing myself to look too deep into themes like Mental Health in my day to day life because I admit I’m a kind of head in the sand kinda guy when it comes to reality. However you wrap those same issues up in some sparky Sci-fi wrapping paper and those same themes it will slip past my radar and into my mind before I know what’s happening.

I think using ‘the last human’ on earth scenario is certainly a good place to start from if you want to talk Mental Health. It is also a brave move by the film’s writer director, who is more than aware of issues on a very personal level.

The Writer /Director Luke Mordue has battled Depression & Anxiety since childhood, this is the reason why the subject matter is so important to him, it is still widely misunderstood & ignored in today’s society. It is an international problem that exists even in todays world. Did you know mental illness affects 1 in 4 people?

There’s no footage for Sola yet but there is quite a bit of concept art on the film’s Kickstarter page which looks good. There’s also a showreel from Ewan Mulligan who is the project’s Director of Photography.

If nothing else it’s worth having a read of the Sola Kickstarter page and seeing what you think as I think it is an idea with mileage.

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