A Zorro Reboot Really????

According to Deadline over at Sony Pictures  Chris Boal has just signed on to write a screenplay that will reboot the Zorro franchise.

OK I will start off by saying the second Zorro film’The Legend of Zorro’  didn’t work for me on loads of level. The main stumbling block being the annoying kid (where’s short Round when you need him) and the even more annoying villain with two swords. However the Mask of Zorro was everything a big budget film swashbuckler should be…loud, big, brash,fun with lots and lots of cool swordplay and stunts.

Now some of you may be saying ‘Come on Nuge its been years and years isn’t it time we had a Zorro reboot?’ Well maybe it is but to be honest I’m just all burnt out on this diet of constant reboots.I also have reservations about the suggestion of a darker tone and chucking in martial arts because you can.

I do love a good Swashbuckler and no one buckles a swash more than Zorro but I just want to see something new. I’m guessing at the moment that’s too much to ask.

Reporter: Nuge

Source: Deadline

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