The Banner Saga comes to the Jorvik Viking Festival in York

Earlier today publisher Versus Evil and indie game developer Stoic announced that they have partnered with the Jorvik Viking Centre to bring their Viking roleplaying and story forging game The Banner Saga to this year’s Viking Festival 2014 in York, UK.

The 30th Viking Festival runs from February 15th – February 23rd and is a celebration of York’s Viking heritage. It’s organised by the Jorvik Viking Centre, part of the York Archeological Trust, and is based on the theme of ‘Myths and Legends.’ Visitors to the event can take in combat performances, crafts, lectures and all sorts of educational and exciting events.

The Banner Saga interactive marquee will be present from Thursday February 20th through to Saturday 22nd February (10am-5pm) on Parliament Street. Visitors will be able to play the game in one of four demo stations, and can get a special discount code that can be redeemed through the Steam download service. There is also the chance to randomly win a spot prize if they come dressed as a warrior of Norse mythology.

The game itself is a single player Viking saga where the choices made by the player directly affect their own personal journey. It’s presented in a lovely 2D cartoon art style which, for me at least, harkens back a little to childhood Saturday morning TV. It just has more death and Vikings. Personally, I think it’s always great when gaming and education can overlap and enrich each other in this way, and hope to see more stuff like this in the future.


Source: Jorvik Viking Festival
Reporter: Casey Douglass

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