DailyIndieGame.com Portal Launches

Earlier today, new indie games portal DailyIndieGame.com launched into kicking and breathing life. Created by exosyphen studios, the authors of the Hacker Evolution game series, it will feature indie games put up on sale for 48 hours only, with a sliding “pay what you want” scheme that starts at USD $0.99.

An added bonus for shopping through DailyIndieGame.com is that it features a unique waiting list system. Customers sign up for the waiting list, and for each game that is purchased during the sale, the next person on the waiting list will get the same game absolutely free. Upcoming game offers will appear on the site, so interested gamers will have the chance to see what offer is just around the corner. Games will also be added to the previous deals section after the 48 hour sale for a given game is over.

Games look like they will be redeemable on various digital distribution services. The first offering, Hacker Evolution: Untold, redeems on Steam. The next, Fleet Buster, will redeem on Desura. As always, check the operating system that the game requires. Over time, there should be games featured for Windows, Mac and Linux.

It seems to be a great way to spread some indie love around the gaming community, and the freebie system will appeal to many I am sure.


Source: DailyIndieGame.com
Reporter: Casey Douglass

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