E3 2016 – Batman – The Telltale Series

Even though E3 is now over, I still find myself stumbling across bits and pieces of news that I somehow missed, maybe due to a certain foot-the-ball thing happening at the moment. One news story that I was very happy to read however, was that Telltale Games has turned its attention to the Batman world, with Batman – The Telltale Series due to debut this Summer.

It will be available for the usual range of consoles, PC/MAC and mobile, and it will no doubt come as little surprise to hear that it will be episodic, much like its other releases like its Walking Dead and Game of Thrones offerings. It will also be released as a ‘Season Pass’ disc which will be available later this Summer.

It looks like the player will spend their time split evenly between Bruce Wayne and Batman, which is something that many more traditional games have yet to try (I’m thinking of Rocksteady’s Batman villain-punching simulators here). Other characters that can be met include the likes of Catwoman, Harvey Dent and Alfred (of course) among others. The PC Gamer link in the source section below details about 3o mins of what happens in the first episode, along with their impressions at the screening. I’d only read this if you really absolutely must, I would rather be kept in ignorance about plot/story lines until I play it myself.

Telltale’s adventure games have been some of my favourite gaming experiences in recent years. Even if they focus on worlds that I am not familiar with, playing the games has always been a pleasant and engrossing experience. I am not the biggest Batman fan (The Nolan films, Rocksteady games and Arkham Asylum graphic novel probably where my interest ends) but if Batman – The Telltale Series sticks to Telltale’s usual format and quality level, I will definitely be up for checking it out.

Batman – The Telltale Series Images © Copyright Telltale Games

Source: Telltale Blog , PC Gamer
GS Blogger: Casey Douglass

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