GAME PREVIEW: Elemons Card Game

A simple but engaging little card game, based on Rock-Paper-Scissors, but incorporating the ‘three states of matter’ all rolled up with teaching the elements of the periodic table and an entertaining narrative!

Elemons are creatures that originate from a spherical core forged from The Monolith and Pure Elements. The Elemons display powers that reflect their core elements in ways that have never been seen before. But they must be captured first before they fall into the wrong hands!

In total, there are 118 known Elemons in the gameplay Universe.  The first 12 can be found in the first Starter Deck “Elemons: STATE MODE Battle Game”, which we test-ran.  The Elemons creature cards found in each pack have special codes and symbols that represent their Core element and the Scenton family they belong to and you will discover how their states can be used to capture your opponents Elemons and win the game.


Back to the narrative: The Scenton Alliance is a galactic agreement between 15 elite geniuses who call themselves Scentons. On an unnamed planet The Scenton Alliance discovered a mysterious structure at its centre, they called it The Monolith. The Monolith exhibited strange behavior when it was combined with The Pure Elements. They devised an experiment in order to save all civilizations – human and alien alike – they forged spherical cores made from The Monolith and combined each core with a different element substance. By placing the Cores into an incubation facility they began to grow. At the end of the growth cycle the Elemon creatures were formed. But before the Scentons could explore their new-found discoveries a major catastrophic explosion at the facility catapulted all the Elemons into the abyss of space. Each Scenton believed one of them must have sabotaged the experiment. With the Scenton Alliance in tatters they now turn to you to help them recapture the Elemons and discover their powers before they fall into the wrong hands.Could there be a traitor in their midst? Sign up as an Apprenton and be guided by your own Scenton in search of the mysterious Elemons! Each Scenton is represented by a special family symbol. The Scentons have each been allocated a specific number of Elemons to look after and explore.

The first game in the series is the Starter Deck, played in STATE MODE, (the Starter Deck contains 49 cards plus a fully illustrated rule set). Combat between opponents using the states of each Elemons, as per the diagram below:


You can change the states of your Elemon by using the temperature cards or fool (bluff) your opponent by keeping your default state. The first player to capture 10 Elemons wins. By playing the game a few times you will begin to get to know the powers of the Elemons and then the skill becomes your brinkmanship in reading your opponents’ tell(s).

Elemons is a very simple but engaging game, and its simplicity and portability make it perfect for travel (car journeys, flights, etc). Its key point from my perspective as a parent, is that you are dressing up education in a fun way. I have yet to fully understand the expansibility of the Elemons universe but when we spoke with teacher & creator Eiman Munro she explained that having the clever narrative behind the game was the route to its evolution.  As the story unfolds expansion packs could and would be added to enhance the learning potential without losing sight of the primary goal to entertain children. Having an iOS app certainly does no harm either…

Elemons is still in its independent start-up phase, but we wish them all the best of luck for the future!

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