Play as the fearsome Predator in this officially licensed game based on Robert Rodriguez’s new sci-fi, action thriller film, PREDATORS™. Hone your tracking skills and killing techniques to lethal precision as you collect the most prized trophies – heads of human prey. Unlock new weapons and leverage your stealth abilities to hide from enemies. Be wary of human fighters’ attempts to band together to defeat you. Teach them that resistance is futile as you eliminate them one-by-one.

IGN: 8.5/10 rating + Editor’s Choice Award
“…What really puts [Predators] over the top is that it knows exactly what you want out of a Predator game. You want to maim, shred, and murder. You want to feel as powerful as a Predator. When you drop into thermal view and run up on your prey, hoisting them into the air on your claws before pulling them to pieces, you get a taste of that movie magic that made the original Predator such an enduring hit.The Predator is just a badass.”

Gizmodo: This Week’s Best Apps
“Predators, which also works on the iPad, looks gorgeous on the iPhone 4, and lets you slash your way through people with all of Predators tech: wrist blades, cannons, net-guns, as well as transparency and thermal vision – that one’s particularly awesome. Good controls, great gameplay, and all-around excellent human-slaying action.”

Modojo: 4/5 rating
“…Predators is a must own. Not only is it one of the best movie licensed games out there, but it’s also a sweet game in general. The blood, the attention to detail…just buy it now.”

“…Predators successfully combines fun melee combat, light stealth gameplay and missions acutely based on the Predator arsenal to offer a different and engaging Predator gameplay experience on the iOS device…”

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