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Please find enclosed your review copy of hotly anticipated 2D fighter BlazBlue from publisher Zen United. Developer Arc System Works have ensured that BlazBlue breaks the traditional fighting game mould by opening up the genre to more casual players. Designed to draw in new players with its accessible fighting system, success in BlazBlue does not require complicated multiple button combinations. Experimentation with the three button system will produce quick results for those who might feel alienated by other more complicated fighting titles, while experienced brawlers can rest assured that all the depth they have come to expect from Arc System Works titles is there in abundance; facts reflected by an excellent reception thus far from gaming press:

“Casual players will discover a fighter which allows them to perform impressive combos without being overwhelmed.” – Eurogamer, score: 9/10

“BlazBlue is incredibly friendly to newcomers. It provides an attractive alternative to SF IV for even the most casual players.” – Official PlayStation Magazine, score: 9/10

“By taking care of the basic buttons you can enjoy BlazBlue immediately… for BlazBlue it’s primarily about delirious fun.” – Yahoo Games, score: 5/5

“A fighting system that’s easy on beginners. It’s also the most beautiful 2D fighter we’ve ever seen” – NOW Gamer, score 9.3/10

Unique to BlazBlue is the acclaimed RPG adventure story mode, containing over 100,000 lines of dialogue for players to get their teeth into. Betrayed soldier Ragna the Bloodedge, has mastered a fighting style blending magic and technology, known as Azure Grimoire, or BlazBlue.

I have a copy of the game sitting at home waiting for me to play and review on an upcoming episode of The Next Level. I have to admit it’s been a while since I played a 2d fighting game though I used to love them back in the day. I like the sound of dispensing with the tricky button\controller combos to pull off a special move (still have nightmares about Virtual Fighter 2) though I don’t how well that will go down with the die head 2d fighter fans.

Looking at the reviews so far I think this could be start of a beautiful gaming relationship.

Look out for a full review soon in the meantime check out the Full Press Release.

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