Call to Duty: Black Ops Announced

It’s official: The new Call Of Duty will be called Black Ops and will be released on 9th November. Tthe Treyarch-developed game will be set throughout the Cold War, and will feature key battles from across the period including Cuba, Vietnam, and the Arctic during the tensions between the West and the old Soviet Union. It will  heavily feature segments from the Vietnam conflict – and culminate in the famous 1980 storming of the Iranian Embassy in London by the SAS. (now that sound cool)

The first gameplay details for Call Of Duty: Black Ops have been revealed by UK retailer GAME.

According to the chain’s online product listing for Black ops:

Now you will witness the birth of the Elite Special Forces and take part in off-the-record missions using unconventional weaponry to get the job done!

From Cuba to the Arctic and the jungles of Vietnam, Call of Duty: Black Ops features stunning cinematic graphics and intense gameplay that puts you right at the heart of the action!

Source: CVG & GAME

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