Final Fantasy XIII: First Cloud, then Snow

Informer, you no say/ thats who Im gonna blame/ a licky boom boom down

"Informer, you no say/ that's who I'm gonna blame/ a licky boom boom down"

I was wondering who the lead of the latest Final Fantasy game, and we have a name: Snow Viliers. Not only is his name snow, but he has ice based powers as well. The female character who you might remember from the first trailer for Final Fantasy XII, is a gunblade wielding badass named Lightning. There is another character who has yet to be named publicly, a redhead who will no doubt provide the cute factor.

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Please, no ride the lightning jokes  



Please, no "ride the lightning" jokes

Two forces of nature

Who's the Redhead?

Who's the redhead? She's Oerba Dia Vanille.

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