Microsoft demos next-gen thriller D4 – Dark Dreams Don’t Die

D4Microsoft has showcased gameplay footage from its Xbox One exclusive Kinect game D4 (Dark Dreams Don’t Die). An episodic noir mystery, D4 follows the story of a detective with the curious ability to dive back in time. He must use this power to solve his wife’s murder and then try to prevent it.

D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die” uses the power and new features of Kinect 2.0 to enable advanced gesture and voice control which reflect the hero’s actions and emotions in each scene, bringing the player into the game.

The demo  showcased the game’s cel-shaded graphics,  dialogue, humour and  violence gameplay. It also showed the new Kinect interface and controls for the game. Players move and turn using hand gestures, engage in dialogue by gesturing or speaking and they can carry out melee combat by using their arms.



Source T3

Reporter: Soulfinger

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