PlayStation 4 released in America – Next Gen officially started

PS4 LogoOh sorry Nintendo I forgot about the Wii U. Anyway Sony has held a series of launch events in cities across America for the official release of the PlayStation 4 console.

There were reports of many queues outside stores and gamer  Joey Chiu from Brooklyn was officially the first person to pick up a PS4 from retail in the US and was rewarded with a photo-op standing between Tretton President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America (SCEA)and SCE Group CEO Andrew House after being handed his PS4 by Jack Tretton.

Sony has had great press and consumer feedback since its official announcement of the PS4 and the PS4 is expected to lead the sales of the next gen consoles over the Christmas period.

Official launch video


The PS4 will be released in Europe on 29th November cost £349 and 399 Euros. The Xbox 360 is released globally on 22nd November so a week behind the PS4 in the US but a week ahead of it globally.



Source: CVG

Reporter: Soulfinger

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