Retailer Game offering ‘Christmas Tinner’ to gamers

Christmas Tinner 1So you unwrapped a PS4 or Xbox One for Christmas and you’re so consumed by playing all your new next gen games that you haven’t got time to make Christmas dinner and you’re not going to waste any valuable gaming time going round to your mums. Well retailer Game has the perfect thing for you. Christmas dinner in a tin…or Christmas Tinner.

The Christmas Tinner boasts nine layers of nutritious and wholesome grub….well maybe not so nutritious.  From a fry-up for breakfast through to turkey and veg and even mince pies for dessert – all in a tin. It has been created in conjunction with designer Chris Godfrey and costs £1.99

‘Almost half of British gamers plan to spend the majority of Christmas Day testing out new games and consoles,’ explained a spokesman for the company.

The launch of the Tinner comes after the Game found almost half (43 per cent) of gamers in the UK intend to spend the majority of the holidays on their consoles.

The Christmas Tinner layer list in full:

Layer one – Scrambled egg and bacon

Layer two – Two mince pies

Layer three – Turkey and potatoes

Layer four – Gravy

Layer five – Bread sauce

Layer six – Cranberry sauce

Layer seven – Brussel sprouts with stuffing – or broccoli with stuffing

Layer eight – Roast carrots and parsnips

Layer nine – Christmas pudding





Source: The Metro

Reporter: Soulfinger

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