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So you’ve just finished the latest Call of Duty and decide to head down to your local Gamestation or CEX to trade in your games. You think you should get a good price as you have six games and all are recent releases. You wait with bated breath as the member of staff scans your games, checks the discs for scratches and then with a completely straight face announces “We’ll give you 20£ for these part-exchange.”

You hide your disappointment and accept the trade in largely because you can’t be bothered to head back home with your stack of games in failure. Ok this is a particularly harsh example and to be fair there have been a few times where I’ve got a fairly decent deal but never a great deal.

I’ve always thought that if I could find a way to easily swap my games (I’ve never really been interested in selling them for cash) with other gamers then I would give it a try. I know there are a few websites out already which offer this service but latest one I’ve heard of  is called GaBoom.

The site, which is currently in open beta testing,  offers three main ways of swapping your games.

Forum Exchange

Gaboom Escrow

Secure Swap

Could this be the future of second-hand game exchange?

I’ve got a few games lying around the house so I plan to give the open beta a try, if I can, and then report back my findings… watch this space!

For more info check out the full press release below or head over to Gaboom and check it out for yourself.

The pre-owned game market is growing at a rapid pace. Major publishers, such as Electronic Arts (EA) are trying to cash in on the trend.  However, some feel the measures they are proposing may end up penalising customers who buy their games second hand.
Passionate gamer and entrepreneur, Jess Ratcliffe, aged 20, has been working tirelessly since January 2010, to develop and launch her dream game-trading platform, GaBoom.co.uk.  “We have developed a safe, easy and unique way of trading games online; providing users, not only with our automatic user-matching system but twosecure and insured postage options to take the hassle and risk out of trading their games online.” says Jess.
Where traditional game exchange websites have seemingly failed, due to their points based systems and lack of security during transactions, GaBoom, with its patent pending technology looks to succeed in bringing new life to the online pre-owned games market.
This ever-growing, popular market has fuelled the introduction of in-store trade-in systems, from stores such asHMV and the Game Group PLC.
The pre-owned game market accounted for over 25% of the Game Group PLC’s annual revenue in 2009, jumping from 18% in 2008.  With the market appearing stronger and more popular than ever, EA have tried to capitalise on the trades.  They are proposing to issue licenses for games that can be played online, such as Tiger Woods PGA Tour.  Anyone who buys the games second hand will have to pay an additional fee, somewhere around $10, to play the game online.
This kind of action will raise the cost of pre-owned games and could price players out of the market.

Pre-owned games can cost up to £30 in high street shops.  Not much cheaper than buying the game brand new.  It is exactly this that has sparked and inspired an influx of game exchange websites.  But, none have managed to really capture the imagination of the gaming public.
Founder of GaBoom, Jess Ratcliffe, believes that pre-owned games will remain the choice of many gamers across the UK.  “With approximately 12.4 million people in the UK currently buying their games second-hand, it is going to take something massive for all of them to switch to only buying their games brand new.” says Jess.
With GaBoom now running in open beta and set for it’s official launch later in the summer, this could bring an exciting twist to the pre-owned games market, despite EA’s plans to lure gamers back to buying brand new games.

Source: GaBoom via SFX

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