IndieGala Doorways Bundle Now on Sale

The Doorways bundle by IndieGala is now available for purchase and gives gamers another great opportunity to swell their PC gaming collection.

By paying a minimum of $1, shoppers can purchase Airbuccaneers, Oknytt and Unhack.

If a buyer decides to pay more than $3.49, they will also be given Doorways Chapter 1 & 2, Fester Mudd: Curse Of The Gold, Huntsman: The Orphanage, Not The Robots and Postmortem: One Must Die. The $3.49 price will go up to $5.59 after the first 24 hours however, so be quick if you want them for that price. 

Most of the games will redeem on Steam and some use Desura.

Click here to visit the IndieGala store.

Source: The Indie Gala
Reporter: Casey Douglass

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