New Invisible, Inc. Update Trailer

Klei Entertainment, the developer behind Don’t Starve and Mark of the Ninja, has released a new update to the alpha version of its turn-based espionage game Invisible, Inc. Being an alpha, the game is in a very early state which means that a lot of features just won’t be implemented or polished enough yet, but each update will bring new toys to the toolbox and add more polish.

Update ‘Initiation’ adds more depth to the agents and guard behaviours by introducing:

  • Augments
  • Tier 2 Guards
  • Guard Stat Balance
  • Guard Limited Patrol
  • New ‘hide’ action
  • A tutorial level ‘Training Facility’
  • 360 degree vision
  • A HUD Compass

The update also fixes a few bugs and glitches.

Whilst the augments sound like an interesting permanent way to sculpt your agent and the tougher guards sound great, I think that the hide action would be my pick of the new additions. A stealth game without hiding behind cover just wouldn’t be right. The game itself is looking very good and I am certainly interested in seeing the path its development takes.

The developer hopes to release Invisible, Inc. at some point in 2014, initially just for Windows PCs. It is available to buy through their own website at the moment which will grant you the full game on release, plus access to the alpha right now.

Reporter: Casey Douglass

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