Play PS4 Games on Vita with A Dual Shock 4? Go On Then!

OK, so one of the really cool things that Sony have implemented with their latest range of hardware is one that should definitely shift some of their handhelds. The ability to play PS4 games on the Vita is undeniably great (and the games still look excellent from what I’ve seen).

Can this be made better? Well – in a word, yes.

Through simple ingenuity, @GeekDadGamer, also known to YouTube browsers as FamilyGamerTV, has found a way. The idea was his young daughter’s and frankly it’s genius. Using a second profile and the Vita‘s remote play feature, the Vita will be able to see what’s on the PS4 and control via a second controller. Strap this controller to the vita and you have a nice handheld device!

Of course, this ties up the PS4 as well, but does mean the television is freed up for others to use. Check out the video to find out more.

Source: Youtube (via @GeekDadGamer)
Reporter: WedgeDoc

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