Robocop Deserves A Proper New Video Game

With the Robocop remake recently being released to DVD and Blu-ray, I began thinking about something else related to the rebooted cyber-cop franchise: Why haven’t they given the robo-dude a proper video game in the past decade? Sure, there was the 2003 title for the then-latest consoles (PS2, Xbox, Gamecube), but need anyone remind you how absolutely awful it was? I didn’t think so.

And before anyone asks, yes, you can look back through Robocop’s video-game history and find some serviceable titles on older consoles. But why should anyone have to do that when the systems available now are so powerful and surely more than capable of delivering a kick-ass experience starring Alex Murphy.

With that in mind, let’s take a quick look at how the franchise has sustained everywhere else other than consoles:

    • Reboot Movie: Not to repeat the idea presented in the opening paragraph, but come on, they made a new friggin’ movie, so why not a game? According to Box Office Mojo, the studio was able to recoup the money spent creating the new film, so there’s definitely an interest in Robocop out there. There’s also a value in figuring out how to effectively capitalize on that interest.
    • Online Gaming: The Detroit-wrangling badass has his own game featured at Betfair’s Arcade site, where other film franchises have been able to remain in the public eye despite disappointing current representations. Those include Transformers and Superman, though hopefully the latter’s current film series can be strengthened by 2016’s Superman V. Batman: Dawn of Justice.
    • Smartphone Gaming: You might remember that we posted the trailer for Robocop: The Video Game, which was released to coincide with the movie remake. And in that article, VichusSmith noted that he wasn’t really feeling the look of the game, especially the third-person aspect—I have to agree. I mean, who wouldn’t want to play as Alex Murphy in the first person? It just seems like a wasted opportunity that console developers need to capitalize on.

So, to VichusSmith’s point, why haven’t we seen Robocop get the treatment he deserves? A first-person shooter in the style of even something as obvious as Call of Duty would work wonders for Alex Murphy’s narrative. Hell, the developer could even take an open-world approach and blend first-person action with something like Grand Theft Auto or one of its clones, Crackdown or Saints Row. Imagine taking down bad guys, blowing up cars and everything else in your way, and bringing justice to Detroit in the middle of all this mayhem. Sigh, sounds pretty awesome.

What I’m basically saying here is this: If Robocop is relevant enough to get a remake and, you know, throw out the first pitch at a baseball game, he absolutely deserves another proper video game installment. Let’s ditch the cash-in mobile game nonsense and make a true console (or even just PC!) experience happen. Please.

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