Slow Games Experimental Consoles Attempt to Change Our Approach To Gaming

I have never been keen on particularly frantic games, but even if the game itself is a slower one, I have experienced the compulsive drive to “get through it” or finish it. Ishac Bertran may just have the thing that holds a mirror up to this behaviour: Slow Games.

A Slow Games console is a neat and rather plain cube with the representation of a classic game on one side and a minimal means of interaction on the top. The games on offer are Mario, Tetris and Pong, and the selling point? Well, you are only allowed to make one move per day.

Slow Games Pic 01

The games are based on classic video games (Mario, Pong, etc). By reducing the feedback loop to a frequency of a day, the games take a new perspective and the skills required to make progress are radically different. While traditional video games require good hand-eye coordination and concentration, Slow Games challenge our memory, capacity of observation and patience.

Slow Games Pic 02

I think that Ishac has created something truly interesting and would never have pondered what games played at the rate of one move per day might be like to play. Take a look at his website here for a more in-depth explanation of how he did it. Also check out the video below to see the things in motion.

Being experimental, it looks like they are not available to buy, but I am sure Ishac will find a market for them if he ever chooses to release them to the public. Slow Games Call of Duty anyone? I know I know, I’m probably being silly now. Or am I?

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