Versus Evil Launches Indie Publishing Company

Versus Evil officially launched as a new independent publishing company today. The company’s aim is to bring success to independent games developers by offering its help and skills in what is a very competitive and sometimes hostile marketplace. Its first success, The Banner Saga, launched last month in partnership with indie dev studio Stoic, to much positive acclaim and industry plaudits. It is hoping to achieve the same kind of success with some of its other unannounced game releases and partnership opportunities with other indie dev studios.

Versus Evil’s General Manager Steve Escalante, formerly of Bethesda Softworks and Zenimax Online Studios explains the vision behind the new company:

Our mission is to make development teams independently successful by offering them our expertise in marketing, social media, community management, advertising, business development and distribution. We are not in this business to take over a game’s creative direction or vision. We are here to work with each studio in a very transparent, open relationship and focus on the business needs of the studio so the dev teams can concentrate on making the games they love. This focus allows us to be a part in the creation of successful companies, not just successful products.

If the success of The Banner Saga is anything to go by, I think that this can only be a good thing for gaming as a whole.

Source: Versus Evil
Reporter: Casey Douglass

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