W3 Studios Announces Abatron

W3 Studios have announced their new game Abatron. A hybrid of the First Person Shooter and Real Time Strategy genres, Abatron lets the player take first-person control of any unit on the battlefield.

In the smoking aftermath of a brutal war between two advanced races, the two came together to form the Council of Abatron, a pan-galactic entity designed to resolve disputes between the major powers of the cosmos. Rather than full-scale war, the Council allows controlled combat on the remains of the shattered planets that were its founding, an ever-present reminder of unchecked hostility.

The humans in the game control advanced technology to overcome their weak physical attributes. These include advanced armour, vehicles and planes. Foes the Haagenti do possess strong physical attributes which they have further augmented with cybernetics, turning their bodies into weapons of mass destruction.

Abatron is currently trying to get Greenlit on Steam here, so if it sounds like your kind of thing, go and give them a vote.

Abatron Screenshot

Source: Abatrongame.com
GS Blogger: Casey Douglass

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