The Musketeers Executive Producer Jessica Pope Takes Your Questions

On the GS podcast next week I will be chatting with Jessica Pope, who works as the Executive Producer on BBC’s The Musketeers. So if you have any burning questions for Jessica then please stick them in the comments section below.

I can’t promise to ask them all but I will do my best.

In the meantime check out this  Q & A we ran last week with the Musketeers showrunners Simon Allen and Simon J. Ashford.

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  1. Nicole Bennett /

    Hello Jessica! First off, thank you for all of the hard work you, the cast and all of the crew have done. Second, any chance a few years from now we could get a Musketeers special? Or a short made for tv movie? I’d love to see everyone back again, even if just for a short while…Also, will we ever see any Musketeers merchandise outside of the blu-rays and DVD’s?
    Thank you!

  2. Doodlebug /

    The Musketeers is a brilliant show that seems to have suffered due to some management decisions, e.g. scheduling, selling the show for transmission overseas before the UK, lack of promotion, no official twitter/facebook accounts to interact regularly and professionally with fans on social media and give out official information in timely way. What does Jessica think are the lessons she’s learnt from this experience and what would she do differently if she were to be in charge of another major series?

  3. MyName /

    Why did the BBC lose faith in this series?

  4. Goofball /

    I’ve seen S3 – no spoilers but
    – there are some fantastic guest stars in S3. Why are most of these kept secret until the show airs?
    – there are some great aspects to S3 but I was disappointed that Athos seems to be a completely different character in S3 than before. What was the thinking behind that and how does Jessica think the fans will react to him being a completely changed man?

  5. MuskiesFan /

    Simon Allen said in the GS Q&A that there was an epilogue filmed which would be made available online? Any details on when this will be available and where it can be found? Thank you.

  6. Helen Gidley. /

    Hi Jessca,firstly just Thankyou.Through this wonderful series many many fans have come together and formed our own supportive community and even with the end of the series I’m sure that will continue.
    How do you feel about the fact that the whole world received s3 before Britain? and probably one you might be allowed to answer Who is your favourite Musketeer(not necessarily actor) and why?

  7. Mark T /

    Simon mentioned in the Geek Syndicate Q&A that the Musketeers music CD won’t include the Musketeers theme music – is there any more information on why this is not included and will it be released separately?

  8. Maggie /

    How much did Adrian Hodges departure impact the direction of the show as characters and tone of the series seem different this year, for example lots of the costumes more like the 1973 fun film version, some past actions by characters have been forgotten – did Adrian have input into the overall story direction or has he had chance to see series and feedback how he feels about the change in direction?

  9. GrayShip /

    Firstly, sorry about my English, I assume i’ll have some problems…
    Hello Jessica! Before my question I would like to say thank you so much!!! You always keep up with updates and photos of our lovely boy, you are probably the best producer that fans could have asked for. Now for the question- How do you feel about Athos change through the series? I haven’t seen it yet, but I already heard complains about Athos getting soft and ruined.. I am well aware that Tom is an incredible actor, but was it for the best to change his grumpy personality?
    Oh, and did you know that there is an instagram user for your twitter? I found it yestrday, the name is “jessica_pope_unofficial”
    Thanks a lot,

  10. Kit /

    Thank you for the show! Such wonderful characters. How was it filming in S3 Episode1 with the children? Any fun stories to share?

  11. Fi /

    The Musketeers is my favourite show! Thank you for doing this! Considering that Simon Allen gave a definite no to the fans asking for more seasons, I was wondering if the decision to stop after 3 seasons was made but the bbc, the creators or the actors? Or maybe all three?
    And others: what is it like interacting with the fans on twitter? You have such a great ensemble cast, what was it like working with so many different people?

  12. Thank you for doing this! The Musketeers is my favourite show! I was wondering if you could tell us who was behind the decision to stop the show after 3 seasons? Was it more a creative decision made by the creators and actors or maybe financial coming from the bbc?
    And: what was it like to interact with the fans on twitter? What was it like working on a show with such a great ensemble cast?

  13. Denise /

    Thanks so much for The Musketeers, the definitive version in my view & destined to become a classic. Do you have a favourite scene from all three of the series & if so, which one & why?

  14. Jutta Freudig /

    Thank you for all the informations and photos of season 3 The Musketeers on Twitter. Will we get another trailer or/and more extras after S3 started on BBC? On Amazon the US-release date of S3 DVD is announced for October. Do you know the release date of S3 DVD in UK and the realease date of soundtrack CD in UK? Where and when do you think we can get the S3 epilogue Simon Allen told us? Will BBC air the S3 episodes weekly or will Musketeers again be interrupted by football, especially because of European Championship in June and July? Thanks again to you, Simon Allen and Simon Ashford for your replies to us fans!

  15. Gabriele Fritz /

    Thank you for the chance to ask questions to Jessica Pope.

    I have seen S3 in Turkey, because in Germany we won’t get to watch S3.
    No spoilering but as Santiago Cabrera told himself in the interview: why had you changed his character so much. He is a brave fighter and musketeer but his charm and fun has disappeared. Although there are bad times, I would have liked him more to be the charmer, funny guy he has always been and a bit more romantic scenes after his time in monastery.

    When will the DVD come for sale?

    Will there be any possibiltiy to have a sequel a few years later? Perhaps Athos comes back…Porthos too after ending the war….

    Thank you for your informations all over the time and all the pictures we get from the set.

    • hi /

      His charm and fun disappeared?? I’m sorry, but that’s so not true. He seems much more relaxed and fun than in season 2. I could name at least 10 scenes where he either has a funny one liner or is just goofing around with Porthos… What have you been watching? 😉 Seriously, I’d put quotes from eps 4 and 7 in here, but I won’t because the uk hasn’t seen the show yet.

      But watch it! It’s worth the wait! And don’t read the spoilers online! Some of them don’t make sense at all.

  16. Supercalifragilistic /

    Hi – I sponsored Jessica for the GOSH run she was doing which she had to cancel due to injury – I just wondered whether she had recovered ok and when she’d be doing it? Thank you, can’t wait for series in UK!

  17. Barbara D /

    Thank you for the chance to ask questions. It’s hard not to ask a spoiler one!
    My general question – I felt s3 is a completely different show to series 1 – I wondered, what feedback has jessica listened to before making that change? Personally I loved the feel of series 1 with the humour, action and heroes winning the day, so wondered what audience they are trying to target with series 3? Or do all shows nowadays feel pressure to go in “Game of Thrones” shocks and downbeat/beaten heroes direction?

  18. Chezza /

    Thank you for the chance to ask questions. The actress playing Sylvie (Thalissa) is she connected to you in some way? Just wondered how she came to your attention as she is straight out of drama school with no screen experience at all?

  19. AliBaba /

    Can Jessica share any info on the extras that will be on the series 3 DVD and also, will there be anything additional more than that on the combined three series S1-3 DVD? Wondering which to buy! Thank you for the information.

  20. JulieT /

    Hi Jess, of all three series which one is your favourite and why and what abiding memory will you take from the show.

    Thanks for interacting with the fans and keeping us updated with information and great pics.

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