2000 AD Reveals Exclusives for San Diego Comic Con

British comic provider 2000 AD has released information about its upcoming stand at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. Based at Booth 2806, it is sure to lure many a comic geek to its stand with some of the tasty things on offer.

First up is exclusive Dredd: Underbelly signed T-shirts and prints  by the movie’s concept artist Jock. Alongside these will also be a brand new image by acclaimed Judge Dredd artist Henry Flint in which he pits comic Dredd against movie Dredd.

Dredd Underbelly Tee

Dredd vs Dredd Poster

Also on offer will be a zarjaz retro Judge Death T-shirt by his co-creator Brian Bolland, along with exclusive 2000 AD baseball caps.

Judge Death Tee

2000 AD SD 2014 CAP

There will also be a dazzling array of signings at the booth including Jock, Batman artist Chris Burnham, Henry Flint and writer Michael Carroll. The four will also be appearing on the ‘2000 AD Zarjaz Hour’ panel on Thursday 24th July at 2pm in room 29A.

Pricing and other information:

Dredd: Underbelly posters by Jock

Price:  $20            Signed and numbered 11′ x 17′ print restricted to just 250 copies

Dredd: Underbelly T-shirt by Jock

Price:  $25            Black T-Shirt in sizes small to XXXL

DREDD vs Judge Dredd posters by Henry Flint

Price:  $20            Signed and numbered 11′ x 17′ print restricted to just 250 copies

DREDD vs Judge Dredd T-shirts by Henry Flint

Price:  $25            Black T-shirt izes small to XXXL

2000 AD San Diego baseball caps

Price:  $15

Brian Bolland ‘Judge Death’ T-shirt

Price:  $25.00      Sizes small to XXXL!

The 2000 AD booth will also be stacked with all manner of discounted comics and graphic novels as well as the latest merchandise from Planet Replicas.

Source: 2000 AD Online
GS Blogger: Casey Douglass

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