24 Hours of Podcast Goodness For Operation Smile

When the podcasting powers that be, you know the ones that look like Time Lords but with less of a high back collar look, told podcaster Stacey Taylor aka Stacebob that she had only 24 hours to save the earth with her podcast Stacey’s Pop Culture Parlour a lesser mortal would have baulked at the prospect. However the plucky Stacey  did not shrug off her responsibility and in taking on this mission impossible she strode across the digital skin of geekdom, like a female Jim Phelps, assembling a top line up to make her mission impossible possible.

On Sat 12th July from 9am UK time we can all listen as Stacey’s planning reaches its conclusion with a  24 live podcast that  will be broadcast via www.mixlr.com/spcp-live with donations being taken at www.justgiving.com/SPCPLive  for Stacey’s charity Operation Smile. The Just Giving link will also be available even if you aren’t around to listen on the 12th. As well as her fellow podcasters Stacey and co host Jenni will be joined by the likes of  Paul Cornell, Adam Hughes, Pat Loika and more. 

So tune in on Saturday and listen as the legend that is Stacebob saves us all to hopefully the metallic musings of the Flash Gordon soundtrack.

Oh and don’t forget to join Stacey’s Facebook group for info and updates!

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Source: Stacey’s Pop Culture Parlour


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