Acquisitions Announcement from Titan Books

Titan Books has just announced that they have acquired the World English rights to new fantasy series ‘The Apollonian Case Files’ by new author Mark Latham.

The first book  ‘The Lazarus Gate’ is due for release in Autumn 2015. The Apollonian Case Files combine horror and the supernatural set in the Victorian era.

London, 1890.  Captain John Hardwick, an embittered army veteran and opium addict, is released from captivity in Burma and returns home, only to be recruited by a mysterious gentlemen’s club to combat a supernatural threat to the British Empire. 

The Apollonian Club is a refuge for the greatest artistic, literary and scientific minds of the Victorian era.  But what if that great centre of culture and learning was merely a faҫade?  What if the powerful men who walked the hallowed, marble halls of that great institution were actually members of another, more clandestine agency? 

This is the tale of a secret war between parallel universes, between reality and the supernatural; a war waged relentlessly by an elite group of agents; unsung heroes, whose efforts can never be acknowledged, but by whose sacrifice we are all kept safe.

This new series is being called ‘Fringe’ meets ‘Ripper Street’ and looks to be a new refreshing series, I know I can’t wait.

Source: Titan Books
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