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Many thanks to the guys over at Forbidden Planet for sending us over this press release. I definately the idea of putting out free novels as podcasts is a definitely good move to help promote your work. Anyway check out the press release for more info.

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Andy Remic, author of Spiral, Quake, Warhead, War Machine, and the upcoming nano-tech action kick0ass zombie novel, Biohell published by Solaris Books (2008/2009), has decided to delve into the murky world of podcasting in a  kind of bizarre Hawkwind/Moorcockian collaborative fusion with indie junkie rockers, th3 m1ss1ng. When th3 m1ss1ng tour, Andy will appear on stage in a  Big Beard and recite his work, probably to a projectile accompaniment of rotten fruit.

Initially, Andy will be releasing two novels as *totally free* podcasts, namely Spiral (2003) and War Machine (2007), and will release a chapter a week (or thereabouts, depending on professional writing  commitments) linked via his website on, The novels are read by the author, and aided and abetted by fine vibes from th3 m1ss1ng.

More information and promo downloads can be accessed at Andy Remic’s website,, and updated information will appear regularly on his blog,

You can discover more about th3 m1ss1ng at

* SPIRAL podcasts begin airing on 15th October 2008, and WAR MACHINE follows soon after *

Source: Forbidden Planet

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  1. When will you release new chapters of the audio book versions of war machine and spiral?

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