Anime Fan Film Batman Vs The Terminator And Skynet

You have to check out the this fan made animated short where Batman wants to help John Connor to destroy Skynet in Batman Vs The Terminator. 

Some fan films look great other look terrible. This is all down to budget and vison from the creators but also about the style of the project. When I heard about Batman Vs The Terminator I gave a little yawn but then I started to hear some good things about it so I checked it out.

I was not expecting a Anime style short film and the first thing that went through my mind was COOL. So that got my interest up. After watching this I was smiling because I realised that this was a great way to do fan made features. I was also smiling because it was damn good. The story takes place in the future and would fit perfectly in the Dark Knight Returns era.

The art was gorgeous and the story was original and the quality was excellent so a win win from me. Only complaint is that it is far too short so now I want to see the next short please… NOW. So if creators Tony Guerrero and Mitchell Hammond are listening please hurry up.


Source: You Tube
Reporter: Montoya

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