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The official Record states that their were 17 Apollo missions, Originally three additional lunar landing missions had been planned, as Apollo 18 through Apollo 20. In light of the drastically shrinking NASA budget and the decision not to produce a second batch of Saturn Vs, these missions were canceled to make funds available for the development of the Space Shuttle, and to make their Apollo spacecraft and Saturn V launch vehicles available to the Skylab program.

It turns out the official record is wrong! There was a Apollo 18 launched into space, and what they found made sure that Man would not return to the Moon anytime soon.

Apollo 18 is the latest movie to rely on found footage to tell its story. The plot will revolve around recently discovered video shot by the crew of an abandoned moon mission from the early 70s. NASA claims that the mission never took place, but this new discovery reveals the existence of alien life and explains why NASA has hidden the footage for all of these years.

Apollo 18 is Released March 4th 2011 and directed by Gonzalo López-Gallego and is being made by The Weinstein Company.

This Flick looks like it’s going to be “Blair Witch in Space” and that sounds awesome!

Source: The Weinstein Company

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